About Us

Our Mission:

South Fork Disc Golf was established to promote the sport of Disc Golf in the Idaho Falls area by providing Disc Golfers of ALL skill levels, opportunities to experience Disc Golf in a variety of formats not available to most recreational players.  Additionally, South Fork Disc Golf is committed to establishing an environment conducive to families and younger players.


  • Three DISCOUNTED Tournaments-In 2015 South Fork Disc Golf will host three Tournaments that will be FREE to club members. Details  as follows:
    • Doubles Tournament-June 20th, 2015
      • As the name suggests, you will be working in groups of two to post your best score.  This is a great opportunity to get your shy friend to play in a tournament with you, or an excuse to unite forces with your Disc Golf nemesis… you know who they are.
      • One round of 24 holes at Freeman Park (6 Additional Holes Added)
      • Format will be like a Scramble Best Ball in which each team will play from the best spot after each player has thrown.
    • Singles Night Tournament-August 28th, 2015
      • Two rounds of 12 holes all in the dark at McCowin Park at Ammon (9 permanent holes plus 3 temporary).  This event was a hit last year.  You will get an LED light to tape onto any disc with your entry.
    • CTP Tournament-September XXth, 2015
      • 12 Holes and a CTP at every hole. You get one free round with your membership and can pay to play as many rounds at time allows.
      • Also a prize to the best round score….to keep putting and approaching still in the game
  • Annual Bag Tag
    • Each member will receive a club bag tag.  2015’s are black!
  •  2015 League Discounts
    • $1 off your weekly entry into the SFDG Freeman Park League and an extra CTP at SFDG lunch league.
  •  Year End Party
    • Come and get free food and prize entry at the annual December year end club party.


  •  The 2015 annual membership fee is $20

You can join in person or online through the PayPal button below.

Contact Jason Haws, Casey Kemmerer, or Paden Henson  for more more information

                Jason Haws
               Phone: 529-2186
               Email: hawsjaso@isu.edu
               Casey Kemmerer
               Phone: 241-2332
               Email: kemmcase11@yahoo.com
               Paden Henson
               Phone: 431-0780
               Email: padose007@gmail.com

 Contact The Club At southforkdiscgolf@gmail.com