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Doubles Tournament Results

The Doubles Tournament  held on June 8, 2013 was alot of fun. We had 37 people participate. We gave away around $400 in prizes thanks to Play It Again Sports, Brandon Merzlock, and Casey Kemmerer.

Below is the final results.

Results of Doubles Tournament

Map of Doubles Tournament (June 8th)

 Below is a map of the course layout for the Doubles Tournament this Saturday.  If you don’t have a partner…no problem. We can get you set up with someone or you have the option to play “California Style” which allows you one rethrow per hole.

 This will be a great tournament for the novice. If you are a more experienced player please volunteer to mentor a less experienced team by showing them the ropes and making it an enjoyable experience.

Doubles Tour 6-8-13